Renato Tavares

Renato Tavares 5 Degree BJJ Black Belt

Renato Tavares moved to Rio de Janeiro and started training under Carlson Gracie, receiving his brown and black (in 1995) belts from the BJJ legend. After moving to the US in He  took advantage of the booming MMA scene in the US and started his career in the popular sport, fighting at the World Extreme Fighting 12 in Ohio.

Renato has been instructing students in BJJ and Grappling from a wide variety of backgrounds including FBI Agents, Military, Police Officers and Athletes.

Renato is a professional MMA fighter and is active on the grappling circuit. He has many titles: International Champion, Pan American Champion, and many State Championships. Renato is regarded by many as one of the best BJJ practitioners as well as a professor.

Renato has formed several black belts in the USA but he has not lost his competitive edge, having competed in 16 events in 2009, winning 13 of those. He recently competed in the Worlds and won gold.

Paulie better

Dr. Paulie Gloves Gold Gloves Boxing

Beyond his work in education and human services, Paul is a highly successful professional boxing and mixed martial arts coach.  Paulie applies the science of human behavior to coach multiple fighters to championship titles at varying levels worldwide.

Training in MMA since 2002, Dr. Paul “Paulie Gloves” Gavoni continues to be sought out by many fighters as he is widely respected by Florida’s MMA community for his coaching ability. In 1992, Coach Paulie began boxing in South Florida and went on to win the Florida Golden Gloves Title in 1998. In 2001, under the tutelage of renowned boxing Coach Milton Lacroix, Paulie learned how to develop a fighter’s speed and punching power by employing a system that focused on natural body mechanics.

 melissaMelissa Bentley BJJ Black Belt

Melissa Bentley started training BJJ in 2010 and has been training and competing for 6 years. She is a multiple World and Pan American champion and has won or placed in many other tournaments. Melissa received her black belt December 2015 and is Renato Tavares’ first female black belt.

Her dedication to jiu jitsu will remain as she is constantly learning to be a better student, instructor and person.