Legacy Gyms’ News

October 15th Battle  at Harley-Davidson Space Coast

Coach Thomas

Coach Sanford

Seminar with Vitor Toledo a success. 

MIAMI Open: Congrats to
Amanda Lima Sanford, Edwin Mosmiller, Justin Banh, Danny Tat, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj, Flavia Silva, Mauricio Orellana, Kenneth C Chesnut, John Commins, Melissa Bentley, Shaughn Koukos, Igor Feliz Bjj

Miami Open Miami Open

October 28th In house tournament Legacy Vero

Start time 10:00am. Ages 4-15. Cost $20. White to green belt
.in house tournamentin house tournament

November 11th Seminar

 Legacy Vero Tayane Porfirio 11:00am Tayane Porfirio is 22 years old and already #1 ranked in IBJJF, 7x World Pro UAE, 5x World IBJJF, 4x Pan American IBJJF, 6x European IBJJF, 6x Brazilian IBJJF.
Her goal is to show her techniques, jiu jitsu style, and routine. She will be available for private classes, group classes, and lots of fun! We are very excited and we can’t wait to have her here 🙂
The seminar will be $70 per person. Make sure you register and guarantee your spot. Hope everybody can make it, see you guys soon 🙂
Any other info please contact: