Bentley Pan America 2018

Bentley Bronze Pan America

Bentley bronze

Double bronze today at pans.

I’m not happy with the results but I’m happy that I came and even have this amazing opportunity to be here to compete.

My technique is there, I just need to train harder and learn how to turn on beast mode for those crucial moments that I’m behind …. and more conditioning!!!

Lessons learned….. gotta move forward! Thank you to my amazing team for helping me prepare.

Thank you Ethan Day for your wisdom and always giving me great advice to improve, you always take the time to give me pep talks and things I could work on.

Thank you to my amazing pan ams champ master Renato Tavares Bjj, I say it every time but words will never be enough to express what you have done for me.

I appreciate you more then you’ll ever know! Thanks to my hubby Brian Mockfor your 100% support in my passion and for always being there for me, love you! On to the next one

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