Children’s Martial Arts Classes

martial arts classesAll of our children’s martial arts classes  start with discipline, respect and self defense. We are aware of the real damage bullying can have in a child’s life; therefore, we practice anti bullying tactics.

Little Ninjas

Consists of four to six years old boys and girls.
In this class we teach Mixed Martial Arts: Brazilian Jujitsu, striking, and wrestling. We  give the participants a  sense of focus and devotion to the sport.

Elite Combat

Consists of seven to thirteen year old boys and girls. In this class we teach Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai and Wrestling.
This class has everything to help a child become a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist and even helps the child with the confidence to avoid bullying. Our main objective in the class is to build the child’s self-esteem and self respect.


Legacy Port St. Lucie also offers the fighting discipline Hapkido for children.