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Legacy Martial Arts  Boxing is taught by Dr. Paulie “Gloves” Gavoni, an expert in human performance and a highly successful MMA coach.

Paulie Gloves has been the catalyst that literally rejuvenated my career. As a submission specialist, my opponents who were able to keep the fight standing found success against me. Paulie has helped me greatly with my striking technique but more important with the confidence and attitude I have in a fight. I no longer feel I must get the fight to the ground to win but instead with Paulie’s guidance, I have developed an aggressive powerful striking game as well where I look to finish the fight with strikes. Thanks Paulie!” ~ Jeff Monson

Paulie Gloves is the best pad guy in the bizz! ~ Brad Pickett


Vero Beach Boxing Coach Dr. Paulie “Gloves” & Master Renato Tavares

While many trainers use a “one style fits all” approach to training fighters, Paul brings an approach that is based on a comprehensive and knowledgeable assessment. He determines a fighter’s strength, weaknesses, disposition, body style, and strategy to improve body mechanics while tailoring a style that fits their needs.

Legacy Martial Arts Vero Beach Boxing is a great workout for all skills & conditioning levels, including those looking to enter the cage. This program will get you in the best shape of your life, improving your endurance, hand-eye coordination, total body strength, and even help decrease your overall stress. So what are you waiting for?!

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