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September 8th MAJOR LEAGUE JIU JITSU Coral Springs Gymnasium
2501 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065 »

MLJJ is holding a simultaneous kids/teens/adults round robin tournament, as well as an 8 team, team v. team dual meet tournament of the best teams in Florida!

The 8 teams included in the dual meet tournament are as follows:

Ghost Squad

Fight Sports Miami

Schlosser BJJ

Matt Arroyo’s Gracie Tampa South MMA

Moncaio Brothers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

American Top Team Weston

Renato Tavares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Daniel Perez Jiu Jitsu Academy

April 28th Chicago
July 28th Orlando Open

 May 26th Mexico

May 12th Miami Open
April 14th Kansas/Missouri
March 31st Ocala BJJ
March 30th Fight to Win Miami
March 7-11th Pan America IBJJ

March 2nd and 3rd self defense seminar.
February 23rd Port St. Lucie 7pm we are going to do our first NOGI & MMA TEAM training of 2018. Coaches Paulie Gloves, Daniel Donaldson, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj and Renato Tavares Bjj and couple other amazing coaches going to be on the Mat to provide you a amazing experience and to give you VIP (Very Important Points) information to move your game to the next level.
Make sure you come and invite your teammates to be there to learn how you can improve in your game and get your skills to the next level!!!

February 16th Fabricio Bicudo Seminar at Triton Fight Center
February 16th-18th Pan Camp Vero Beach
February 10th ADCC

February 9th

Great seminar today at National Martial Arts. Promote a New Black Belt and got TJ Tomlin his first stripe. Also Michael South was awarded with his 4th strip on his Brown Belt and did the last step to get his journey starting again.
I so proud of all the coaches Under the association with the hard work that they have put on.
This year all the coaches in Oklahoma area going or already move to a bigger and better locations.
Keep up with your hard work!!!
— with Todd Thomas Lawrence, TJ Tomlin, Dustin Brooks, Michael South and Sonny Smith.
February 3rd Legacy Fight League. Vero Beach County Fairgrounds.
January 8th Adults only Jiu Jitsu moves to the Miracle Mile. 733 22nd St. Vero Beach.  Kids, Boxing and Women’s cardio moves to the mall.

November 11th Seminar                                                                                           Legacy Vero Tayane Porfirio 11:00am Tayane Porfirio is 22 years old and already #1 ranked in IBJJF, 7x World Pro UAE, 5x World IBJJF, 4x Pan American IBJJF, 6x European IBJJF, 6x Brazilian IBJJF.

October 15th Battle  at Harley-Davidson Space Coast

Coach Thomas

Coach Sanford

Seminar with Vitor Toledo a success. 

MIAMI Open: Congrats to
Amanda Lima Sanford, Edwin Mosmiller, Justin Banh, Danny Tat, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj, Flavia Silva, Mauricio Orellana, Kenneth C Chesnut, John Commins, Melissa Bentley, Shaughn Koukos, Igor Feliz Bjj

Miami Open Miami Open

October 28th In house tournament Legacy Vero

Start time 10:00am. Ages 4-15. Cost $20. White to green belt
.in house tournamentin house tournament