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Amazing how life show us that we never old to do anything.
Had great wrestling training with 75 years old Keith Tennant wrestling coach of Florida University on 70’s and now his start train BJJ with us.
Life is Awesomeeeee




Master Renato Tavares opened Legacy Martial Arts with the dream of promoting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the jiu jitsu lifestyle to the South Coast Florida community. Tavares is a 5th degree Black Belt under Carlson Gracie Sr., who is considered to be one of the most technical black belts in Jiu Jitsu.

He is passionate about the sport of jiu jitsu and  passes down his enthusiasm, knowledge and experience to his students. Tavares is a world class teacher, always striving to get the most out of his students.

In 2009, Master Tavares moved to the Indian River Mall to build the biggest Martial Arts school in Vero Beach. He has since expanded his vision locally and globally.  Currently there are eight Renato Tavares Association member gyms in the state of Florida.

In 2018, Master Tavares relocated all of the adult jiu jitsu classes to the Miracle Mile. Children’s classes, Boxing and Women’s cardio will stay at the mall location.

Vero Beach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of Legacy Martial Arts’ Top Training Programs. It has produced many champions in numerous national and global competitions.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is primarily a ground-fighting art. Most techniques involve both fighters on the mat. There is a heavy emphasis on positional strategy, which is about which fighter is on top, and where each person’s legs are. Positions are stable situations, from which a large variety of techniques are available to both fighters.

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