Legacy Family Competes

Legacy Vero Beach Family, the Cooks,  Compete

A great day competing mma for all of them, Khloe, Kody,Jayden, and Amber Cook Wesley congratulations, it’s always such a wonderful feeling watching them on the mats!!! Khloe’s first mma fight!!

Legacy family


My fight in Orlando , ISKA, had to move up in devisions and weight , about 35 pounds but I won’t back down !!!!

We went into overtime then it came down to decision, it was a VERY close fight, even tho I didn’t get the W I learned so much from this fight. and

I pushed myself the hardest I’ve ever pushed myself to the point of puking right after the fight 🤮

She is a great fighter and I can’t wait to train with her down in coconut creek 🤝. Thank you to all my coaches and team mates for everything, I really am so grateful for ALL of you!!! And thank you to Amy for my meal plans 😍

Now time to train harder and come back smarter and stronger ❤️


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