Mission 22 Seminar

Mission 22 Seminar February, 2017


Friday evening of the Mission 22 Seminar held at Legacy Headquarters Vero Beach. Chris Papandria and Melissa Bentley shared techniques with belts of all colors. Initially Chris shared how he became involved with Mission 22. He noted that progress is being made as 20 now represents the number of daily veteran suicides-a number which is still unacceptable.



Great time at Mission 22 Florida seminar today with Augusto Tanquinho. Super happy to support a very important cause and have fellowship with extended family.

“I love what these people are working for. People need to be connected. I know jiu jitsu isn’t The ultimate answer, but it works for me and it has connected me with people I would never otherwise, even come across in life. Social, racial, and economic barriers get crossed on the mats and something is established that enables real community. This doesn’t touch on the mental health and physical benefits that jiu jitsu provides especially in the context of stress, trauma, and grief.

I am thankful for the opportunities that Mission 22 and the We Defy Foundation provide, enabling my family and I to support these efforts.” Travis Larson



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