Quick Fitness


Quick Fitness
People look at me and asked what I’m taking to be in shape. My answers is simple. I don’t take anything, Just training minimum 5 times a week for the last 30 years and do weights at least 2 times a week for almost the same time.
I have been seen people get really big in couple of months, then get out of shape, and another event coming and they get ripped again,…
Another secret is not go over 10 pounds of you weight to compete. I have my limited weight that soon I got there I start to drop. My weight is usually 154/156, I need to be 151 for the events and my limit is 160.
I going to be today 6:30pm live. If you want to ask some question about training, diet, weight training you are welcome to post here or ask live today. Renato Tavares 
I was just preaching this the other day about setting the right example and being in shape. For those of you that do not know. Master Renato Tavares Bjj was born with a medical condition so his parents got him into martial arts to live a healthier lifestyle and to help him with his condition. Now in his 50s he still leads by example.
People make excuses for their limitations. They make excuses for their own personal comfort or justification for why they are not in shape.
YOU are the excuse to not living a better and healthier lifestyle. If you don’t do it for yourself do it for the people in your life.
Be regimented and dedicated towards your health. P Lee Wilhem

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