Samurai FC Seminar Mexico

Tavares Seminar in Mexico


Thanks to all the attendees to our annual seminar with Master Renato Tavares Bjj, excellent energy, vibe and companionship. OS! #Rtbjja

This weekend was spectacular, much training since the arrival of my master Renato Tavares Bjj.

We shared the mat since I arrived from Florida. Saturday a non-GI session in the morning and an amazing seminar in the afternoon, Sunday session of questions and answers.

I feel very happy to see all the people who make this team great with so much willingness and desire to learn, as well as grateful to my master for always keeping the motivation between us. #Renatotavaresbjj #SamuraifcMoya Brand Mexico Moya Brand Catorce Brand Media Ad Co. Dolce Vita Guadalajara Armero Promotions El Itacate Wu Fighter’s World Zhe FightOrgani-K San Pancho

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