Honduras Support from RT Jiu Jitsu

Vero Beach Vanity Fair Shows Support for Honduras Orphanage


Thank you so much Robert Chandler and Good Shepherd Jeremy Lloydand Chris Sloan and all the students for help our Honduras Soul-diersProject.

You guys are amazing.

This week we were able to got $550 in donation, $200 in gift card and extra store donation, 30 new Kids Gis, 12 used gis, Gloves, shin guards, head protection, ……

You guys helping change a lot Kids life.

Our jiujitsu community make me feel proud and grateful, I want to keep walking deep in our philosophy, now 22 kids from an orphanage have clothes to train Bjj in HONDURAS!

Thank you Robert Chandler! Thank you master Renato Tavares Bjj to support new generations in the fact to change the future! OOSSSS

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