Tavares Association Seminar and Belt Ceremony


Lots of great things said across the board about our End of Year Seminar. All true. I have a different perspective of our latest event. My wife and I were blown away by the maturity and respect of the KIDS of the Renato Tavares Association members! Our daughter is just shy of 20 months old. Children she never met were protecting her, including her in their games, and embracing her. These are kids 2-12 years old, that obviously have incredible parents. If you think the youth in this country are soft, uncaring or out of touch, connect with this organization and you’ll see a bright future for this country. Very proud to be with this forward thinking, people centric organization. OSSSS!


What a difference two years makes. Two years ago I had the honor of these two amazing people tying my brown belt around my waist then two days ago they tied my black belt. Definitely blessed to be part of such an amazing association. Thank you Master Renato and Professor Tommy for all you have done for me and this group that I’m honored to call a family. @ Red Panda BJJ

Not even sure where to start but today I was promoted to black belt. Very thankful to all the instructors and brothers and sisters I’ve spent hours of blood seat and tears on the mats with. Also thankful for Victor Carpenterfor not giving up on me when I started and couldn’t get the shrimps lol. Such an amazing feeling to have that belt tied around my waist. Thank you to Professor Tommy Wales and Master Renato Tavares Bjj for taking me into the association and treating me like family from the beginning. I’m extremely grateful for you both.
And yep… of course I cried

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