Renato Tavares coach and mentor

How to choose a Jiu Jitsu coach

When it comes down to choosing a coach or mentor it’s important to ask yourself what really matters.

It’s not about credentials, education, knowledge, or the results they have produced for themselves or others.

It’s not about hype, marketing, sensationalism, or industry prestige.

It’s not about fame, acclaim, likes, or followers.

It’s about one thing and one thing only. What they can help YOU accomplish… Not someone in a completely different situation than you are, who has never had to face what you’ve had to face, experience what you’ve had to experience, and who is going to do things you are not comfortable doing or engaging in.

Can they speak your language? Can they empathize with your plight? Do their ethics and outlook match up with yours? Are they the kind of person you can truly trust with you health and happiness?

If the answer is no, then it might be time to take a look at your priorities and reevaluate your decisions.

Progress comes much easier when you pick the right tool for the job. And nothing could be more true than when it comes down to choosing who you want to trust with your success…

*Pro-tip: It also never hurts to find one with a sense of humor and who can give your people’s eyebrow a run for the money!😂. Jonathon Montgomery



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