Tavares, Hope Project Nicaragua

Hope Project Builds Homes in Nicaragua

Today I had a great time In Nicaragua with the Hope Project.
We started the day split the Group in two and with the mission to by the end of the day has 2 houses done.

We were working hard all morning for 2 hours and half to finished the first the first part. That was for the frame, mixed the concert to bringing the wall up 3 blocks up, put the top roof on and finished the foundation.

After a quick lunch we went back to mixing a lot more concrete to be able to do the flooring.
Is incredible how the community got together to help and to get the job done. Little kids were there side to side with us helping to build a life change for 3 families, that tonight going to have a roof and concrete floor to give some comfort for their families.

One those families had a newborn and just because now they have the flooring the kid has 50% more chance to live just because they are not in contact with the ground, the in a lot of the area is contaminated. Other thing that going to change is the chance for snakes and rats bite them at night.

What a amazing experience that for sure will change our lives. Trips like that make us realize how much we have and some time don’t give the value for it. Make us be more thankful and grateful, give us a different perspective of our lives, make us appreciate more what we have and give us the desired to help even more others.

I high recommend all of you guys to do a trip like that. You WILL come back different and for sure going to help with the things that we think that we struggle is small compare with this people pass every day. And what is more impressive, they have a big smile on the face all the time and give a big value for a hug, a smile back, a little talk, simple things that we sometimes forget how important those are.

I want to thank you Pastor Chris Sloan and Jeremy Lloyd to invited me for this trip, also Amir Rahemi, Julie Schenstrom and Paul Dodge to jump to this opportunity with me and be able to share this amazing time together that for sure going to make our friendship stronger.

Cant wait for the next couple days, tomorrow and Wednesday 6 more houses will be build and 6 other families lives with be changed.


Hope Project Nicaragua

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