Tavares takes Ultimate Absolute


Thank-you to everyone that tuned into the live stream of the Ultimate Absolute 2018 Pro Show. The matches are being cut and edited due to the dark lighting, and they will be released in a few weeks on UNGD.tv

We had a great crew working last night, the commentary alone is some of the best out there. They captured the moment and helped deliver the historic night it truly turned out to be. Anyone with proof of receipt of the live stream will get free membership to the site once they are up.  with Joe Wilk, Mike Rethmeyer, Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto, Carlos Dallis, Kevin T Phillips, Renato Tavares Bjj, Isiah Wright, Dàibhidh Durnell and Verbal Tap Podcast.

To ALL the competitors, coaches, and BJJ Teams that travelled from out of town to come to our event.!!! Thank YOU!!!

To ALL the officials, judges, referees. Amazing Amazing work!!! We only had one tiny injury with a young kid getting a scratch. That speaks volumes considering how many bouts and competitors we had that competed.

And finally to all the Kids, parents, friends and families that came out to support our kids and the event!!! God Bless you guys. We are thankful and humbled.

Thank you Renato Tavares Bjj, Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto for such a great Main Event!!! Thank you Alexander Huddleston and John Hansen for such a great Co-main event!!!

Another great fight!!
Thank you Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto for tough fight.
Thank all students And coaches for help me get ready for this fight and my sponsor for always support me. shoyoroll Mission 22 We Defy Foundation Nous Defions Unko INK
And one more fight for My great friend in Heaven David Jacobs
And more important thanks GOD for keep me healthy and injury free

Ultimate Absolute

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