Tavares Texas Seminars

Texas Welcomes Renato Tavares                                    

Great time yesterday at Reding Martial Arts/RMA East Side with Mark Kim Siragusa Reding

We started with a private 4pm, followed by 5pm private with Rember orellana and finished the privates with Larry Sutherland. Right way after 2 hours seminar with great group.

Thank you Mark Reding for the hospitality.

Renato Tavares Tx BJJ Association @ CTX Martial Sports Headquarters

Thank you Master Tavares, Coach Gray, Coach Ryan and Doni Engel for teaching Joshua and helping him grow both on the mat and in the real world!

Today was my 1st seminar ever in Jiu-Jitsu.

It was even better to have master Renato Tavares Bjj as the instructor. I received my 1st stripe as a white belt, Braden Bergman received his 1st stripe as a blue belt, and Jose was promoted from white belt to blue belt! Misty Bergman

Time for food!!!



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