Triton Fight Center Belt Ceremony


Triton Fight Center Celebration

2018 Renato Tavares Bjj End Of Year Seminar

Marshall Luton What an awesome weekend! I got to spend time with many many champions! Good human beings whose purpose in life is to build others up and make this world a much better place. Thank you to everyone who took the time to roll, teach, encourage and crush me. Time with a champion is time well spent.

Master Renato Tavares Bjj is such an awesome man on and off the mats and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you sir !
Ouss! 🤙🏽
Perfect example of an Ego free environment while having an awesome time doing what we love as well as being surrounded by great people !
Triton Fight Center

Not sure where to start, so here it goes:

Sara Wilhelm and I are gracious and humbled by everyone’s love and kindness over the years. We really enjoy the banquets and EOY Seminar because it is an opportunity to celebrate and come together as a family on and off the mats. It is also an opportunity to share throughout the BJJ community our vision of making our metropolitan area an example for others to follow. #united #918bjj

Roberta Smilnak, we appreciate you more than you know. You volunteer your time countlessly and do an exceptional job at it. You have a bright future and your parents should be extremely proud. Many kids your age don’t have the mindset that you do.

Owner of RISE Armament Matt Torres donated an AR15 for this event to be awarded to one of our LEOs that has taken advantage of our BLUE LINE SPECIAL (BLS). Our BLS is designed to help law enforcement that are a little less fortunate or struggling with PTSD. Also to give them an opportunity to continue their training beyond the Police Academy.

Huge thanks to Todd Ryan for the kind words. Also for being the first person to jump on board of the “BJJ Drama Free” mentality. His loyalty to the cause has made others follow. Together we all make the 918 a better place for jiu-jitsu, our children, and generations to come.

Congratulations to John Church, my very first black belt. He was awarded by my instructor, his 2nd degree on to his black belt. John started the first official Triton BJJ Affiliate and is still in operation many years later. With that being said, congratulations to Dylan Smith who opened the latest TFC Affiliate making it 16 academies under the Triton banner. Dylan is kicking it off strong with having his students start things right with uniformity and loyalty, paying tribute to their roots.

Chris Hutchison, we appreciate your leadership and your jiu-jitsu passion. You have taken our program to another level with the modern approach, yet not deviating from fundamentals. Students are sharper because of your teachings and will continue to grow in their skillsets because of you.

We appreciate the rest of the coaching staff that make all our other programs run smoothly. Semper Fit, Judo, Kid’s BJJ, NOGI, and Muay Thai, Women’s BJJ. Joel C Walehwa, Michael Ballestero, Gerardo Anaya, Brad Whittington, Mark Mattson, Jeff Wall, Justin Shavney, Heather Shavney, Kyle Hepler, Rhonda Lutz Huber, Jaxon Kite, Roberta Smilnak, Shawn Hatfield, Amy Cavett, Haji, Justin Runrightthroughit Pruitt, Jams Partridge, Hunter Colvin, Connor Dibler, Johnny Norman, Jordan Patrick.

Congratulations to all the award recipients of 2018 and in advance to all the students that are about to be promoted before the year is up. Hard work pays off. Keep on pushing forward and set realistic goals for 2019.

To all our students at Triton and affiliates, we appreciate and love every single one of you. I know some of you newer ones are trying to find your way, but it is no different than anyone else who started. Stay on course and you will find your way. Don’t give up. Some days will be better than others and you will have a few bumps in the road, but it is nothing you can not handle. Many who have stuck around have accomplished what you are trying to achieve. Keep the focus.

J Miguel Pedroza for the amazing pictures from both events. Rod Davidson for providing beverages. Jamey Martin for the meals from Joseph’s Fine Foods.

Thank you Ron JuHachi Manes and Ne-Waza Steve more making the long trip. There is no reason why all our leadership cannot make it to 2019 Banquet and EOY Seminar.

Shout out to my to USMC brothers for always having my back. Stacy aka Marine Movin and Adam Sumner.

Master Renato Tavares Bjj, thank you for your friendship, guidance, and mentorship. Thank you for setting an example that is realistic, an example that we all need to follow in order to be better human beings. The world is a better place because of people like you.

In conclusion, thank you to all our men and woman who have served or are currently serving in our military. Piet Wilhelm

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